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Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, worldwide 12-step program that was started 25 years ago, and is based on the 8 recovery principles found in the Beatitudes. CR is a "forward looking" program centered on a spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ. CR is a safe and confidential environment. Celebrate Recovery isn't just for alcoholics and drug addicts or for the people who love them, but for all of us during certain seasons in our lives. CR is for anyone with Hurts, Habits or Hang-ups.

You don't need to be a recovering addict to join....

Just a sinner who is ready to follow a new path...

Why Celebrate Recovery?

  • "Forward looking"
  • Centered on spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Confidential and safe environment
  • designed for those who struggle and/or their families
Just a thought :

If we don't daily seek His will for our lives, how can we blame Him when things go wrong?